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Treasure Valley Homeschool


Community Curriculum Sale


June 22, 2024

(This is not a SELAH event)




Lace-up your shoes and grab those shopping bags! The TVHCCS is almost here! 

New to homeschooling and have questions?

Experienced mommas will be on hand to help answer them!

Excited to shop? Want to get a sneak peek?

Sorted by subject and individually priced, the sale makes shopping

for next year's curriculum simple, fun, and budget-friendly!

Volunteers shop early so sign up now!

Have items you want to sell? 

We make that process easy as well. Just label your items and drop them off.

We'll do the rest! Please take a minute and sign up here to sell so we can

make sure we have adequate table space for everyone.

Need some encouragement and connection? 

The free iced coffee bar and comfy seating area make this a great

opportunity to connect! Grab some friends and make a day of it!

Check out the buyer and seller pages, as well as the sale website for more information.

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