While we enjoy the freedom to homeschool in Idaho, that freedom is something we do not take lightly. Many have fought for our right to homeschool our children and for that we are grateful. Click on these links to see how you can join the fight and protect your family's rights.     

Regardless of your teaching style or the learning style of your kiddos, guaranteed there is a curriculum to match! With so many used and affordable options available today, you can easily homeschool without breaking the bank.

Co-ops are a great way to supplement your child's homeschool experience. Check out the list of area co-ops and see which one might be right for your family.

So you're investigating the idea of homeschooling and you've got questions. Our Homeschool 101 articles are a great place to start! Still wondering if this is the right move for your family? Drop us a note through the contact page. We'd be happy to chat with you!