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Check out these great area homeschool co-ops serving Boise, Meridian, Nampa, Kuna, Star, Eagle, and the surrounding Treasure Valley.  You're sure to find one that's a good fit for your family! Click on the name of the co-op for a link to their website or e-mail.


Arrow Co-op - Located in Nampa.  How is Arrow different?

  • The ability to commit to weekly or bi-weekly classes (only 2 days per month)

  • A later starting time allowing you to get "school" done before you come or "littles" ready on time!

  • A flat fee per family* (per semester) regardless of how many children, babies, teens or dogs they have!

  • The versatility to choose between Academic Classes vs. Enrichment (aka "Fun") Classes to suit your individual families desires

  • A "Mentor-Mom"* Program to provide "classes" for moms including encouragement, tricks, hacks, bible studies & MORE!

  • A member-governed co-op with the ability and DESIRE to adapt to fit the member's needs as the Lord leads.

  • No teaching REQUIREMENTS forcing Moms and/or Dad's to serve outside their spiritual gifting.

Caldwell Homeschool Group - Grace Sorensen 208-546-9469,

Excelsior! Homeschool Co-op - Located in Nampa, Excelsior serves the Treasure Valley and surrounding areas offering a wide variety of classes from Kindergarten through graduation. 


Faith, Hope & Love - Located in Meridian. Our goal is to give our families a Christ-centered homeschooling community. We meet weekly on most Fridays during the school year and for enrichment activities outside of our regular co-op time. We have a variety of classes, voted upon by our members, for ages five and up. We also offer nursery and preschool for siblings.


Foundations Co-op - Located in Meridian, Foundations serves the Treasure Valley and surrounding areas offering a wide variety of classes from Kindergarten through graduation. 

iSWAG an acting group for Treasure Valley homeschool students ages 12-Senior. Acting in a positive environment affords students the opportunity to build self-confidence, gain experience in a variety of areas both on and off stage, and create lasting friendships.


We are a parent-led group whose goal is to offer students a fun, creative outlet. We are ever-evolving and seeking how to best use each person's gifts and talents. Because we are parent-led, parental involvement is a requirement for student participation.

Journey Christian High School Co-op - A Christ-Centered, Academic-Focused High School Co-op is  hybrid that meets Tuesdays and Thursdays. Core subjects in the morning and electives in the afternoon.  

Legacy Academy is a private, faith-based K-12 homeschool-support organization founded on the basic idea that education is more than a list of facts or scores on a test. True education is about who we become, not just what we know.  We believe that education is meant to enlighten the best in us and prepare us to expand our talents and capacity to do good and to be good in an ever-changing world. Legacy Family School is a parent-led “co-op” located in Nampa right off the interstate at Karcher and Midland on Fridays from 9:15am to 12:30pm. The goal of the Family School is to provide a gathering place, parent support, and social opportunities for home-educated families. Family members of ALL ages are welcome to attend from ages 0-18. We do have a large youth group, and would welcome more!

Liberty Family Academy - A group of liberty-minded families who support each other in homeschooling.  We have room for families of all ages and focus on inspiring curiosity and lifelong learning. Thursdays in SW Boise, 9:45 a.m.- 3:00 pm. Contact:


Revelations Co-op - A non-denominational Christian group, Revelations meets Monday mornings in Middleton @ Canyon Springs Church. We have core and enrichment classes for K-12, as well as nursery care for younger siblings. Optional monthly fellowship nights for parental support, regularly scheduled field-trips, and community service projects are available as well. Contact:

Venture Christian Co-op - A parent-led group meeting Fridays in Boise with classes from Pre-K through graduation. Our homeschool co-op family is built on the values of community, teamwork, enrichment, and education.


Vita Co-op - We are a group of homeschoolers in Nampa with a vision of living life together. We believe in learning together, growing together, and reaching out to our community together. We strive to bring life to our homeschool families by providing fun, academic and engaging classes weekly, as well as occasional community service projects and field trips. Contact -

Unique to Vita:
- Academic, enrichment, and unschooled class options
- Classes grouped by stages not ages
- Student Government and Teen Leadership 
- Member Driven, transparent, and accessible to all




ATTENTION CO-OP LEADERS: If you don't see your co-op listed here, please contact us and we'd be happy to add it ( Thanks!



Treasure Valley Co-opS & GROUPS

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